Full Coverage

Full Coverage By Nissa Hallquist on Behalf of Patio Bra While Northern California is lucky enough to claim many temperate days, there are at least as many—if not more—days that are just too hot or too cold and wet to really enjoy spending time outdoors. Those open beam trellises and pergolas might look nice, but […]

Summers in Sacramento

Don’t Get Caught Uncovered! By Nissa Hallquist Summers in Sacramento can be a wonderful thing. You get to enjoy longer days, barbeques, sitting by the pool with a cool drink in hand. On the other hand, you also have intense heat, sunburns and faded sun beaten patio furniture. Fortunately, you don’t have to accept peeling […]

The Heat Is On!

By Nissa Halquist Click to view the full digital publication online Read 408-June 2017 Online Publishing from YUDU patio heat Photo 1 Winter’s over! The rain is gone! The heat is here! Get covered up by Patio Bra. Even though the summer is here, you likely haven’t forgotten the recent cold, wet weather yet. You […]

The Cool is Here!

By Nissa Halquist With as chilly as it’s been, working on making your outdoor space more livable might not be a priority to you right now. But it’s definitely something to consider. Thanks to Patio Bra and RAL Builders you can still enjoy outdoor living even when it seems too cold. A Patio Bra cover […]

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