The Cool is Here!

By Nissa Halquist

With as chilly as it’s been, working on making your outdoor space more livable might not be a priority to you right now. But it’s definitely something to consider. Thanks to Patio Bra and RAL Builders you can still enjoy outdoor living even when it seems too cold.

A Patio Bra cover is measured and custom made for the top of your outdoor lattice structure. It is made out of durable high tenacity filament polyester with a protective laminate vinyl coating, with a variety of available opacities–70% or 90% mesh or even a rain-blocking 100%–depending on your protection needs. Installed flat and secure to a pergola, it is guaranteed to last for 5 years (but you can probably count on 20 years or more).

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Once it’s covered overhead, complete your outdoor space with Patio Bra outdoor curtains. Made out of the same durable material as the covers–and also custom made–these curtains essentially act like walls around a patio area, adding a softening sense of décor and privacy. When pulled closed, they are especialy useful for maximizing the efficiency of an outdoor heater. Just like that, you literally have a comfortable outside room.

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Now, these curtains are available with your choice of installation. First there is the traditional version, with grommets that you can pull along powder-coated steel rods. This option allows for curtains to hang between two patio posts or along the outside of the structure with ball stops at either end of the rods.

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Or you can get the curtains installed with the new track system with trolleys. This new option is the only outdoor application of a curtain track system available today; it’s super-easy and smooth to use and provides an even more seamless look than the rods. It is also made out of stainless steel for maximum weather resistance. *You can check out all your outdoor curtain options at

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You can’t forget summer, of course. As cozy as a Patio Bra and curtains can make a space during the winter, they can help your outdoor room stay that much cooler and comfortable in the summer months. The curtains and cover block the sun and its harmful UV rays at any time of day, including the scorching late afternoon Western exposure. The temperature difference under the Patio Bra can be anywhere from .5 to 15 degrees + cooler.

*Throughout California and Nevada, Patio Bra and RAL Builders have worked together to provide thousands of custom designs and installations of pergolas and other outdoor structures, patio covers and curtains. So you can get the outdoor room you’ve always wanted with no waiting. For more information, call *RAL Builders at (916) 960-4889, or *Patio Bra at (916) 742-5094. You will also find Patio Bra at the Northern California Home and Landscape Expo this weekend in the Pavilion Building.*


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