Full Coverage

Full Coverage

By Nissa Hallquist on Behalf of Patio Bra

While Northern California is lucky enough to claim many temperate days, there are at least as many—if not more—days that are just too hot or too cold and wet to really enjoy spending time outdoors. Those open beam trellises and pergolas might look nice, but they don’t really do much to protect you or your outdoor furniture or barbeque area from the elements.

But you don’t necessarily have to tear such structures down and build something new to enjoy the outdoors. You can quickly create a comfortable, weather-resistant oasis by fitting that pergola or trellis with a Patio Bra patio cover.

Yes, bra. The name both gets attention and is an apt metaphor for the product’s ability to cover and support outdoor living spaces, no matter their shape or size.

Conceived about five years ago, the Patio Bra has evolved significantly from it’s original solution to provide some shade in the backyard on a HOT, sunny day: an ugly tarp strapped to a pergola with bungee cords. Research into product development and installation techniques since then has resulted in a highly engineered encapsulated vinyl mesh secured permanently with screws. The material comes in a variety of mesh densities (ranging from 70 to 100%) and earthy colors to match its outdoor surroundings. It resists fading, mildew and ultraviolet rays, is fire retardant and easily cleaned.

The Patio Bra is custom manufactured to perfectly fit any pergola or trellis, of any size or shape, curved or flat, wood or steel. The installation process begins with an initial estimate, during which a licensed installer comes with a complete selection of Patio Bra swatches. After choosing the needed color and density, the space to be covered is measured and guaranteed to be accurate within a quarter of an inch upon delivery.

The time it takes from that initial measurement to placing the order, having it cut and delivered is usually about two to three weeks. Then, depending on the size and complexity of the installation, an experienced installer can have a Patio Bra up and securely in place in a matter of hours.

Once installed, it instantly transforms a patio area. What was hot and glaring in the summer is shaded and cool (up to twenty degrees cooler), and what was wet and dreary in the winter stays nice and dry. It even withstands the harshest weather conditions, as secure installation (two screws every foot or so) keeps the cover flat to the trellis and impervious to high winds and heavy rains.

Beyond the cost effectiveness and convenience of adding a cover to an existing framework versus constructing a new solid roof, there are additional benefits. A closed-roof patio can sometimes feel stifling, dark and claustrophobic. Patio Bra protects the area, but still continues to facilitate an open and airy feel throughout a patio. Even the densest mesh allows a hint of sunlight through and air to circulate.

Whether you want protection in your yard on your existing trellis or pergola or you are ready to start a new project – be sure to include Patio Bra in your plans. After all, it’s what all fashionable pergolas and trellises wear for continuous comfort, support and a sleek looking patio.

If you want to be able to enjoy your back yard year ‘round and would like a free estimate on a Patio Bras call Bill Christie and Phil Raynal (916) 716-8320 or toll-free at (800) 387-2586. Patio Bras have a UV coating to protect against harmful cancerous rays. In partnering with AIM @ Melanoma, Patio Bra Inc. will donate a portion of their profits to the fight against skin cancer. Go to the tab Aim @ Melanoma on our web site for more information. They are currently available in and around the Sacramento area and beginning expansion into Southern California and Nevada. You can also check Patio Bra out online at www.patiobra.com


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