Keep Your Lattice Covered

How does it feel looking out on your cold, wet patio this winter? Do you feel trapped? Dreary, depressed? Well, you don’t have to anymore. So don’t let that pesky weather keep you from going outside any longer. Whether it’s raining or blazing hot outside, you can actually continue to enjoy your patio year-round with the installation of an open lattice trellis by RAL Builders and a Patio Bra™ patio cover. With the look of wood and the endurance of aluminum, the Alumawood product that RAL Builders uses creates outdoor lattice structures that are ideal complements to the good looks and durability of the Patio Bra™.

It also allows for a great amount of design flexibility; RAL Builders is able to use the Alumawood material to create structures that are straight or curved, large or small. And in addition to perfectly accommodating the outdoor space, Alumawood comes in a variety of colors designed to blend in seamlessly with the home.

RAL Builders specializes in the design and installation of both open and closed Alumawood patio structures. While the solid enclosed patio will surely protect you from the rain, it tends to be dark and claustrophobic and can be loud when the rain hits the metal roof. With an open lattice you’ll get more light and airiness but probably not as much protection from the elements as you’d like. Nor will a solid patio cover be easy to convert if you ever change your mind about how much out door coverage you need.

That’s where the Patio Bra™ comes back in. It is more than just a sassy, suggestive name. It allows you to have the best of both worlds by converting an open, unprotected outdoor area into one that is protected, but without sacrificing that wonderful open, airy feeling. And it does so much more. With a Patio Bra™ you get:


Protection is all well and good, but getting something that does so with some elegance is even better. The Patio Bra™ patio cover comes in a range of coverages (70 or 90% mesh or 100% solid) and in variety of colors to blend in perfectly with your outdoor décor and lifestyle needs.

As such, it is designed to complement any variety of outdoor lattice structure (especially unusual custom designs like those constructed by RAL Builders). That attractive trellis or pergola will remain so even with a cover on top of it.


While certainly attractive, the Patio Bra™ is also exceedingly strong. The material is “encapsulated vinyl laminated on a weft insertion scrim base of high tenacity filament polyester.” This synthetic poly-vinyl blend was scientifically formulated to last for many years.

This is true in virtually any application. When installed properly (flat to a lattice, with recommended anchoring hardware), the Patio Bra™ has been shown to be resistant to just about any inclement climate and weather conditions, including high winds and temperatures, heavy rain and snow.

Ease of Use

A Patio Bra™ patio cover is custom measured and cut to fit your lattice structure perfectly. And after it’s installed, the cover is quite easy to care for. Periodic rinsing with a hose usually does the trick. Occasionally, a more thorough cleaning with a mild soap will get rid of any accumulated dirt, bird droppings, etc. (Or you can also opt for the Patio Bra™ maintenance program, which will prep your cover for the season with a professional annual cleaning.)

Protection from Rain

During these rainy months, you can still enjoy being outside. A patio cover with 100% coverage still allows light underneath, and is guaranteed against leaks. This ensures year-round protection and year-round enjoyment of your patio.

Protection from Sun

This is what a Patio Bra™ does best. All of the available coverages combat the harsh rays of the sun. This allows you, your patio furniture and delicate plants to remain outside without fear of sunburn, fading or other damage from UV rays. Patio Bras™ have a 94-96% UV inhibitor built into them. Patio Bra, Inc. is partnered with AIM @ Melanoma in the fight against skin cancer.

As it blocks the sun, the cover immediately reduces the temperature underneath it, up to 15 degrees. It protects without impeding airflow.

RAL Builders has over 20 years experience. They also offer screen rooms, patio enclosures, lattice covers and combination covers. The product never needs painting and comes in a broad array of custom colors from which to choose. RAL can come to your home and design a custom patio cover in any contour or shape that will last a lifetime.

For more information on how a patio cover can benefit you and your backyard, contact Patio Bra, Inc. at (916) 468-0302 or visit And to find out more about building a trellis or pergola on which to put a Patio Bra, you can contact the experts at RAL Builders at (916) 993-3485 or go to Photography by Mike at Michael Wantz Photography.


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