5 Benefits from Using Patio Bra

Those who utilize patio bra are looking for solutions and products to enhance their homes and commercial properties. A Patio Bra opens up an entirely new realm of comfort and luxury by providing the perfect solution for visiting areas and backyards, whether its for homeowners or business owners.

Patio Bras offer some distinct benefits that you should know about if you’re on the fence about how to boost the appearance, value, and functionality of your outdoor patio space. Below are 5 benefits Patio Bra users experience from the jump after their Patio Bra installation has been completed.

Amazing Warranty
Your Patio Bra is covered by a 5-year Pro-Rated Warranty, so if any problems occur along the way, you’re fully protected in your investment.

Enhanced Safety Features
Your Patio Bra meets State Fire Marchall Title 19, NFPA-701 Flame Spread Ration Class A(15) requirements for supreme safety.

Great for Hot and Cold Environments
Your Patio Bra is useful in both hot and cold settings, protecting you from the elements.

Mildew and Environmental Toxin Resistance
Patio Bras are made out of materials that are totally mildew, chemical, and oil-resistant. They also have excellent water repellency for water-proof capability.

Adds Value to Your Home or Commercial Property
Whether it’s a place for you and your dinner guests to convene after a nice meal or a place for your employees to take a load off, the Patio Bra is the perfect accent to any outdoor living space that adds real value.

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