Summers in Sacramento

Don’t Get Caught Uncovered!

By Nissa Hallquist

Summers in Sacramento can be a wonderful thing. You get to enjoy longer days, barbeques, sitting by the pool with a cool drink in hand. On the other hand, you also have intense heat, sunburns and faded sun beaten patio furniture. Fortunately, you don’t have to accept peeling skin and heat stroke as trade-offs for otherwise enjoying the season. You can take advantage of all the great things summer has to offer–and be protected from all the bad–with a Patio Bra™ over your open trellis or pergola.

The Patio Bra™ material is high tenacity filament polyester laminated with vinyl, specially formulated to protect everything under it from the harmful effects of UV rays. Patio Bra™, Inc. is partnering with AIM @ Melanoma in the fight against skin cancer. Your new Patio Bra™ will keep you from a sun burn and your furniture from fading. Once installed, it will also make your patio immediately more comfortable, lowering temperatures anywhere from 10-15+ degrees.

You might ask, if I want such protection, why don’t I just get a patio with a solid ceiling? According to RAL Builders, a local specialist in the custom design and building of Alumawood patio covers, that’s a definite possibility. However, in choosing a solid patio, you need to keep in mind that you probably won’t get the same sense of airiness, of really being outside, as you would with a more open structure. Nor will a solid patio cover be easy to convert if you ever change your mind about how much outdoor coverage you need.

The Patio Bra™ comes in varying degrees of protective shade and waterproof coverings to keep the sun and rain out while still letting light and air come through. And it looks good, too.

An authorized installer will measure, cut and perfectly customize the Patio Bra™ to fit any existing trellis, as well as help you pick out the right color to coordinate with your home and yard. When properly installed on a given outdoor structure, the Patio Bra™ can endure any kind of extreme weather, even including winds up to 90 miles per hour. It is easy to keep it clean and looking good by periodically rinsing the cover with clean water.

Before all that, of course, if you don’t already have one you’ll want a solid structure on which to install a Patio Bra™. With the look of wood and the endurance of aluminum, the Alumawood product RAL Builders uses creates outdoor lattice structures that are ideal complements to the good looks and durability of the Patio Bra™.

With that, you’re ready for whatever the sun can dish out. With a Patio Bra™, you’ll keep cool and protected and enjoy lounging outside in the Sacramento summer once more. Remember “Don’t get caught uncovered”!

For more information on Patio Bras™, call 916-742-5094 or visit And if you don’t have a trellis, pergola or other structure on which to put the Patio Bra™, you can get one designed and installed by the patio cover experts at RAL Builders. You can reach them at (916) 960-4889 or through their website at Patio Bra™, Inc. and R.A.L. Builders are both A-rated, Better Business Bureau accredited companies. Patio Bra™ -Patent Pending.


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