Our Founders

Bill Christie - President

Bill was born and raised in the small town of Modesto California. He graduated with a BA in Health Science and a Minor in Business.
In early 2006 his son Tanner was graduating college and Bill scheduled a graduation party. That weekend was forecasting rain and Bill had an Open Trellis Patio Cover. He bought a blue tarp to put on top of the open patio cover, so that his guests wouldn’t get soaked.
Bill thought that there had to be a better way . . . and The Patio Bra™ was born.

Phil Raynal - CEO

Phil was born in San Francisco California. He graduated from Chico State College with Major in Physical Education and a minor in Business Administration.
Phil was a very successful salesman for a major aluminum patio cover and enclosure company between 1985 and 1992. In 1993, he started his own construction business, R.A.L. Builders, Inc.

Patio Bra, Inc.

Bill told his future partner Phil all about the idea to provide a product that will reduce ultra violet rays in the summer and provide a water tight seal during the winter. Together, Phil and Bill have formed a company that offers a quality product at an affordable price. It is also backed with a five year warranty. They both stand behind The Patio Bra™ one hundred percent. Patio Bra was created in 2006 and the company was incorporated in 2008. They currently have a patent pending on The Patio Bra™.
Any given day you will find Phil out in the field measuring for an installation, or actually installing one. At the same time, you will find Bill following up with his customers, providing estimates and managing our dealers’ day to day business. Both Phil and Bill are “Hands On” owners and are always striving to find better ways to assist employees and customers in any way they can.