Keep Your Patio Bra Clean

The life and good looks of your Patio Bra depends a great deal on the way you use it, and how you care for it. Whether you’ve chosen 90% Mesh, 70% Mesh, or 100% Solid your Patio Bra is the finest available. We use only the best available water repellents and mildew retardants. You can rely on our experience and quality. Even the most durable materials require a certain amount of care, and Patio Bras are no exception. With only the minimum amount of attention, your Patio Bra will remain bright and last a long time. For Stain Removal information, please give us a call at 916-742-5094 or use the Contact Form located on the Contact tab above.


Follow these simple DO'S and DON'TS to preserve the beauty and prolong the life your Patio Bra:


  • Keep your Patio Bra clean. This is the best protection against mildew. Even on mildew resistant fabric, mildew can grow on accumulated dirt or foreign materials which remain on the top or bottom surface and eventually damage or stain the fabric. We cannot be responsible for such damage.
  • Wash down your Patio Bra. You can use a mild soap, but rinse thoroughly and immediately.
  • Hose your Patio Bra with clean water every month or so. We recommend that you do this on a hot sunny day.
  • Keep the underside of your Patio Bra clean by simply brushing with a clean household broom. Vinyl polyester fabrics and woven acrylics may also be washed on the underside in the same manner as the top.
  • Keep shrubbery and vines away from the Patio Bra as many bushes contain an acid or pitch which can be harmful to your Patio Bra.


  • Get insect spray on the fabric, as some solutions may impair the water repellency of the Patio Bra and cause staining.
  • Overlook small rips or tears. If a sharp object punctures the Patio Bra it can be expertly repaired by your local Patio Bra dealer.
  • Store Patio Bras dirty, damp, or wet. Mildew is the fabric’s greatest foe. It will grow on the surface dirt of a damp Patio Bra and will permanently stain the fabric.