Company History-Patio Bra-Lattice Cover

With every successful invention there is a need. This is the reason why Patio Bra was started: there was (and is) nothing like it on the market.

In 2005, Bill Christie was going to throw a rather large party at his home in Folsom California. Looking at the weather report, he noticed it called for rain. There was a great large trellis in his backyard but it was an open trellis, which is pretty to the eye but doesn’t keep the rain out. So off to the largest hardware stores he went, to find the only thing that would work. He brought home a big blue tarp which he secured with bungee cords. While it was not exactly the look desired, it was the only option available.

Bill thought “There must be a better way!” He made some sketches, checked around the Internet, and found there was no such thing to be had, anywhere.

Bill discovered there were about 2.5 million lattice covers sold in California over the years. If there were 2.5 million in California alone, imagine how many more millions exist throughout the USA! Like Bill’s lattice cover, they had the same problem. Not only do they offer little to no protection from rain, but they are not constructed to stop the sun’s harmful UV (Ultra-Violet) rays.

Having no previous experience in the construction business, Bill approached his good friend, Phil Raynal, about this. Phil has been in the “Patio” business for over 25 years, and together, they decided solving the problem of the sun and the rain would not only give families the full 365 day use of their open patio, but at the same time it could be a great business adventure.

In early 2005, they formed a partnership and the Patio Bra was born.

The Patio Bra has come a long way since 2005. The Patio Bras already installed have withstood huge wind and rain storms, proving they are structurally sound. Additionally, the Patio Bra’s application has been approved and certified by a structural engineer.

The Patio Bra has already provided shade from the heat and cover from the rain, and still allows light in for thousands of happy customers in northern California.

Although Patio Bra is now a successful company, customer service remains our constant focus! Because of our commitment to you, the customer, we have happy customers all over USA. Please see our list of references from our happy customers.