Patio Bra Now Serving Long Beach, California!

Did you know that Long Beach, California has, on average, about 287 sunny days per year?
That means that most of the time you’re going to have to figure out ways to protect yourself from the sun — unless you want to end up looking like an old baseball glove.

Sunshade by Patio Bra is the answer for Long Beach Southern California residents to achieve instant shade in the yard or meeting area of your home or commercial property.

With Patio Bra you can be outside, no matter if it’s sunny or soaked with rain. We’ll help to keep you 10-15 degrees cooler, especially in those crucial summer months.
Patio Bras are durable, too, made with vinyl laminate, featuring a weft insertion scrim base made of high tenacity filament polyester.

Patio Bras are extremely durable and supremely waterproof, meeting California State Fire Marshall Flame Spread Ration Class A(15) standards as well. Every Patio Bra sunshade has a 5 year warranty attached. Patio Bra comes in a variety of colors to match any sensibility. Check out our gallery today!


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