Drapes For Tracking System

$ 88.00 per square foot


Al Mond Brown

White Sail



Desert Tan


90% Mesh



Our custom fabrication turnaround is 10 business days.

Unlike standard canvas fabric like Sunbrella, Patio Drape uses a mesh material of encapsulated nylon with vinyl coating. This highly durable product is commercial grade and comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our fabric is available in a variety of colors offering three levels of UV protection. The 70% mesh blocks 70% of harmful UV rays and the 90% mesh blocks 90% of the sun’s UV rays. The solid (100%) cover not only blocks the sun, it also provides rain protection.

Our 70% and 90% mesh is popular for drapery applications as both fabrics allow limited transparency as well as UV protection.

Most of our customers use 90% mesh for their curtain projects. The 90% solution is comfortable in direct sunlight, yet allows visibility of your desired views. This is a significant safety feature when you need to monitor activity in your swimming pool. You don’t need to sacrifice safety or comfort in the afternoon sun. Additionally, Patio Drape mesh allows air to pass through it. This breathable characteristic is ideal for wind protection while still retaining your view.